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GSG again offers first-level support

From now on, a Helpdesk for account questions, problems and other matters, which are addressed to the GSG, is available again. Please contact our helpdesk first in case of problems listed below before contacting the GSG.


The Helpdesk is located in the computer science center in the Endenicher Allee 19c entrance b-it (opposite the auditorium center) at the red counter.

attendance times

The helpdesk is staffed at the following times:

Monday 10-18
Tuesday 10-14
Wednesday 14-18
Thursday 10-14
Friday 10-18

Short-term and non-scheduled changes reserved.




Please contact the helpdesk for the following concerns:

  • Account problems (password *, application, extension, other)
  • Problems with media rooms (beamer, etc)
  • General questions

* if you have problems with your password, please bring along your valid student ID and photo ID.

Absence of the help desk

If the helpdesk is not staffed, please contact the GSG directly. To do this, please use the staircase at the entrance b-it to get into the basement. Here follow the path to your left until you can only go left or right. Here you turn left and use the next staircase to get back to the ground floor. On the ground floor you use the right security door to get into the wing of the GSG. Please look for the “Kontor SHK” (room 0.014). If this is not staffed, please contact the system administrators in the room opposite (0.009).