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Media Lecterns

<alert warning>Because of a device defect, there is currently no audio available in room 0.107. Please bring your own speakers or contact GSG for alternatives. We hope that the replacement amplifier will be installed during week 19.</alert>

The central seminar rooms and pools of the Institute of Computer Science include special lectern desks with audio and video connections for the projection and playback of audio/video media content. The following explains their usage in more detail.

Available Variations

There are currently two different types of consoles available at the institute. One can be found in all central seminar rooms and pools, the others in larger, selected rooms:

Variation1 (normal) Variation2 (large)

The differences of both variantions lie mainly in the audio capabilities.

Connecting a device (Notebooks etc.)

Both lectern variations are operated in the same way. On the top of the lectern you will see the cable tanks:

Variation1 (normal) Variation2 (large)

Pull the relevant cable from the tank installed in the lectern. Please do not use excessive force while doing so. Insert the plug in the respective port of your media device. Please make sure that your device activated the port and outputs a valid video signal on the chosen port. The lecterns integrated scaler should now detect the signal from your device. It should signal this state by a blinking power LED. Directly afterwards, the scaler should switch on the beamer automatically. The beamer should beep and start to vent. The noise from the vents will go down in a moment. Now the beamer should display your picture after starting up. In standby the scaler should look like this:

After use just pull the plug off your media device again and carefully push the cable back into the tank. The beamer will be switched off automatically after about a minute without a video signal.

If you only want to change the input device, just change the connection and the scaler will detect the new connection without switching the beamer off and changes input channels if necessary.

Manual interaction with the scaler is generally not necessary. If you attach HDMI and VGA sources in parallel, you can use the channel buttons 1 (HDMI) and 5 (VGA) on the front of the device to choose the shown input device. Even then the scaler will switch the beamer off automatically as soon as you remove the last signal source from the input channels.

Connecting Audio Inputs

Audio Inputs will be connected through HDMI or the available additional audio cable. On the front panel of the scaler there are controls for volume and audio mute (marked red on the picture below). There will be immediate optical feedback in the beamer picture while using these controls. Please note that you have to use the VGA connection if you plan to utilize the separate audio-plug. This connection is not active while using the HDMI connection.

Height Adjustment

Both console variants can be adjusted in height. The normal variant has a gas spring, comparable to that in an office chair. The large version is electrically adjustable.

^ Variante1 (normal) ^ Variante2 (groß) ^

Adjust the normal version by pulling the locking handle towards the table top (marked magenta in the picture above) and carefully push the plate downwards or pull it upwards. Release the locking handle as soon as the desired position is reached.

The large console version can be easily adjusted by pressing the corresponding direction button (marked in red in the picture above).


All lecterns can be equipped with microphones. The large variants have the options of a console microphone, a wearable and a portable microphone rod that can be borrowed at the GSG in the rooms 0.009, 0.010, 0.014 and 0.015 if required. The smaller lecterns have a mounting space for a wireless microphone unit, which can also be borrowed on demand in our offices. Please allow some time for the necessary preparation of the lectern when choosing this option.