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Current information about the GSG in times of COVID-19

General information

The joint system group of the computer science dept. and b-it is responsible for the basic technical infrastructure that carries all IT processes in our institutes. Failures in this infrastructure can quickly affect many or even all our scientists and students. To minimize the risk of loosing more or even all our IT staff members if only one of us gets ill, we separated everyone of us from now on, to make sure that - should problems arise - we are still able to maintain our infrastructure services.

This contingency plan has been implemented since Wednesday, March 18.. From that day on we will only provide a basic, minimal attendance duty for you. Nevertheless, please only take direct contact in an emergency! We are still available to you as usual via Email or by phone. Please understand that the physical absence of most of our staff members will result in higher reaction times for all our duties that require physical presence.

Name Phone Email Function
Thomas Thiel 73-60700 IT management
Anna Tausendfreund 73-60705 Clients, procurement and transponders
Ignatios Souvatzis 73-60701 Networks and Infrastructure
Christian Roggendorf 73-60702 Infrastructure and Clients
Torsten Steinhäuser 73-60707 Infrastructure and Clients

Student Account Creation Requests

For the time being, requests for computer science accounts for students can be remotely created at It is not necessary a.t.m. to send the printed paper form, if one is created; just sign it and scan it and send it via Email to (or, to countersign, to your lecturer).

Core times attendance service

* Transponder matters:

The office (room 0.015) is open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and by arrangement. Please contact us and make an appointment if you have transponder issues.

* Help desk:

Due to the pandemic, we did cease our helpdesk service for the time being. Please contact us per email to